Extending the best regards to all visitors of this website. As a matter of fact, you are facing one of the most complete websites about the engine data in which tried to write, design and upload the most accurate content and data in the best possible method. However, my chief goal from designing this website is mentioned below: All the scattered information and sometimes the hard access to some engine data in crankshaft grinding industry, lack of a systematic and comprehensive website accessible to all the craftsmen and over fifteen years of experience in industry led me to collect all the easy to access engine data used, accepted, available and also completely conformed to the engines exist at the market of our country. Despite the comprehensive books related to this subject available at the market, their thickness and English language make finding the data difficult as well as time consuming for the craftsmen. Finally after lots of efforts, all is written, designed and uploaded on a website which you are visiting right now and in the near future, a more complete version of this website in the form of an application would be available to all the craftsmen. All my wishes are concentrated on having a small role in the development and progress of this industry and all the craftsmen’s welfare.

Wishing you ever increasing success,

Javad Mohaghegh

Sincerely looking forward to your questions, suggestions and feedback.